In this article we present a exciting review of Yale Assure Connect CBA. Offsite electronic lock monitoring which added cost, hardware, and setup time without offering much benefit to the average homeowner, made most homeowners skip those services to save money. But that’s all changed now.

Recently, two favored electronic smart-lock systems joined, making faraway lock monitoring more attainable for everyone without the added expense or difficulty of setup.

The Yale product line, which is a basic home electronic lock  and the August product line, which is a AirBnb favorite, are now owned by the same business and are releasing a new product!

It is known as the Yale Assure Connect (Or Yale CBA). It combines the greatest features of the Yale and August lock brands into one low-cost, simple-to-install configuration solution. (These locks are available on Amazon.)

Why is the Yale CBA a Fantastic Smart Lock?

To get remote monitoring in the past, you had to buy a smart lock that supported Z-wave or Zigbee. The communication protocols Z-wave and Zigbee allow the lock to communicate with another device known as the Hub. You had to buy this hub separately, which added to the cost, and you had to make sure you got a lock that worked with your HUB’s protocols (or vice versa). The locks and the HUB were made by different businesses.

Then you had to get all of these smart lock elements to work together so you could use your lock’s remote monitoring features, which were likely limited by the Hub you were using.

Does it appear to be difficult? That was the case.

These smart lock components are now bundled together and intended to work together specifically. The installation of a smart lock is now a lot easier and more cheap than ever before. You get everything you need with the Yale Assure Connected by August electronic door lock package:

Lock, unlock, and share access to the smart lock from anywhere, configure your lock/relock settings, and monitor who comes and goes.
When you approach with a connected smart phone, the door automatically unlocks.
Examine the condition of your door. The Yale Connect by August shows you not only whether the lock is locked, but also whether the door is open or closed.

August Locks had previously modified existing door locks.
The August Lock was and continues to be a favored smart lock for AirBnBs for all of the same reasons (most notably full integration into the AirBnB flow), but now the August lock and all of its capabilities have been integrated and incorporated into Yale Connect by August Touchscreen Lock. You’ve got the best of both worlds: simplicity and control.

Exiting deadbolt locks were modified to create the old August lock. It was large and hefty. There’s no need for a clumsy aftermarket lock modification any more to take use of all of August’s AirBnb integration perks. In the stylish Yale touchscreen lock, you receive all the benefits.

What’s Included in the Yale Connect by August Bundle?
The same true and tried touchscreen smart lock, an August lock Module, a WiFi bridge, and a door sensor are all included in the new integrated product box.

If you already have the Yale Assure lock  recommended, you should be able to install the upgrade kit (purchase the upgrade kit on Amazon) to gain all of the remote programming and monitoring features. Look for these three characteristics to identify a Yale Assure lock:

1) Does your keyboard feature a check and gear image?

2) Do you have a privacy button next to your thumb turn?

3) When you remove the battery cover, does your lock set contain a module slot?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, you have a Yale Assure lock that can be updated.


The Yale Assure Touchscreen Smart Lock has a touchscreen display.

For many years, this has been a go-to no-frills home electronic lock. Voice instructions, strong construction, touchscreen, programming without the need to remove the lock, and it just keeps operating.

The override key can be purchased with a choice of keyways to match your existing house key.

We only recommend purchasing a lock with a key override, as we do with every electronic lock available. The YRD226 series in this example.

Lock Module for August

It connects to the bridge and is installed inside the Yale lock. You won’t be able to install the August lock module if you’re using this expansion slot for Z-wave or Zigbee models. You’ll have to pick between this way and your current Z-wave/Zigbee method for remotely controlling and monitoring your smart lock. The new package comes with a number of features that may make it worthwhile.

If you need assistance installing this lock, your local locksmith is available to help.

WiFi Bridge in August

This is the component that handles the connection between the lock module and the internet, allowing you to use the August Connect App to access all of your lock features from anywhere in the globe.

Sensor for the door

An easy-to-install surface mount sensor that detects whether the door is open or closed and notifies you via the August App. The sensor can be fitted and camouflaged within the door jamb with a little additional effort. If you’re not confident with this installation, your local locksmith can assist you.

Yale Assure August Connect Setup Instructions
It’s simple to connect the Yale Assure / August Connect to your internet and phone. For quick and easy use, the majority of the lock setting is directed by prompts.

August Connect Setup by Yale Assure
There is one thing to keep in mind! Currently, the lock only supports a 2G wifi connection. The lock will not connect to the wifi if your modem only has 5G or is one of the latest modems that automatically toggles between 2G and 5G (such those made by Cox Cable).

You can fix this problem by obtaining a wifi extender. The wifi extender can connect to  automatic switching 2G/5G modem and broadcast its own 2G network. The issue has been resolved.
The wifi extender may be found on Amazon. It is very cost effective.

August Smart Lock summarizes the Yale Assure Connected.
Getting remote access and monitoring via a smart lock needed many components from different manufacturers, as well as a time-consuming and expensive setup process. This made it impossible for the average homeowner to use them.

The August smart lock featured amazing functionality and was simple to use, especially for AirBnb apartments, but it was a big and ugly addition to your current locks.

The Yale Assure Connect by August (available on Amazon) combines the ease-of-use and attractiveness of the Yale lock with the remote capabilities of the August Connect app, resulting in a cost-effective and attractive solution for everyone. Please contact us for more details.