Comparing the Best Smart Locks for 2020

The year 2020 will be remembered as the year when lock manufacturers finally got the concept of smart locks right for the typical consumer. The complicated hardware and software components that used to be required to set them up are no longer required, the apps that run them are more user-friendly, and the designs are now compatible with standard door preparation, which means you won’t have to drill any holes in an existing door to install one.

Three of the most popular and newest smart locks have been thoroughly reviewed.  A decision was made on the preferred smart lock for the year 2020. The following are the smart locks that were looked at in depth.

The Schlage Encode

The Kwikset Halo

The Yale Assure Connect by August

All three of these locks have vastly increased capabilities over their predecessors, and for the vast majority of property owners, any of them will suffice.


The Schlage Encode Smartlock Features

Its best feature is that it’s a Grade 1 lock, which is the highest grade available (Learn More About Lock Grades). It also comes with better hardware, which makes the installation more robust, and it’s the easiest to install because both halves of the lock will “snap” together and hold the smart lock pieces in place while you screw in the bolts.

It has up to 100 user codes, which is more than enough for most people, and it’s the only smart lock  with a three-year electronics guarantee (the others featured here have only a 1 year warranty). This lock has a lot of strong selling factors.

The Schlage Encode Smartlock does have a few flaws. Consider the following example:

There are no single-use codes accessible, but you can create one for a very short period of time.
If you change the length of a code (4-8 numbers), ALL codes are deleted and must be typed again.
To assist remove any compatibility concerns, it is hard to find a list of Schlage certified routers online.
The number of doors that this lock will fit out of the box is the smallest. It can also be difficult to obtain an extension kit if you have a non-standard thicker door. However, after you install the thick door kit, which is an extra cost, it becomes the only smart lock that can handle doors up to 2 1/2 inches thick.
There aren’t many resellers who sell the lock.


The Kwikset Halo Smart Lock Features

The kwikset halo satin nickel has the following features:

Kwikset Halo is a modern style of Kwikset.

The newly released 2020 Kwikset Halo is the preferred  lock of the three offered since it has the most elegant style. It also has the most versatility in terms of how codes can be allocated, as well as a large amount of accessible codes.

SecureScreenTM, which prevents people from guessing codes based on fingerprints on the lock face, is a favored feature of the Kwikset Halo. It’s also the only one of the three having a 20-minute fire rating that doesn’t require an upgrade.

This isn’t a poor lock by any means. All of the 2020 smart locks are excellent locks, and for many homeowners, particularly those who already have Kwikset locks, this can be an excellent smart lock.

However, there are certain disadvantages to the Halo. There is no door sensor to determine if the door is open or closed. Notifications from the lock are either a yes or no choice; you cannot choose to only receive certain notifications, so you either get all of them (which can be bothersome) or none at all (even worse.) If your WiFi changes, you’ll have to factory reset the lock and begin the programming process all over again. Who hasn’t had a router fail on them at some point? This is a significant disadvantage.


Our Best Smart Lock of 2020 is the Yale Assure Connected by August

The Yale Assure Connect by August (CBA) smart lock is the best smart lock of 2020 among the new smart locks available. It’s the only smart lock on the market that can detect if the door has been left open. It supports more voice/personal assistant platforms than any of its competitors. It is compatible with the largest range of door thicknesses and does not require any further expenditures. It has the capacity to exchange lock cylinders, allowing it to function as an override key with almost any existing house key. For owners that rent their houses, it is fully integrated into the AirBnB platform. It can also be purchased as a non-wifi, low-cost basic electronic lock that can be readily modified later with the CBA upgrade kit.
Other locks don’t have all of these features, and when it comes to wifi, it’s all or nothing.

The sole significant disadvantage of this lock is that it is a grade 2 item (learn about lock grades). Without a doubt, grade 2 locks are strong residential locks, but they fall short of Schlage’s grade 1 lock designation.


The Most Significant Shortcoming of Available Smart Locks

To be honest, all three have the same flaw of requiring a 2.4GHz router, which can be a problem with routers that dynamically switch between 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

Getting a 2.4GHz router extension and connecting the locks via the extender is one technique to get around this limitation for all of these locks. After upgrading your network to the new Cox router, you  are able to do this in your home with multiple smart devices that needed 2.4Ghz.

There are key overrides in each of these models. There are versions without them however it is strongly recommend having a key override since electrical components might fail. Choose whether you want a smart lock with or without a key override.

If you have any further questions about these three smartlocks please contact us.