What is a laser-cut key? Laser-cut keys are gaining popularity in the vehicle industry. Since the 1990s, they have been available, although they were generally reserved for the most expensive models. As they provide the owner with a stronger sense of security and other benefits, they are becoming increasingly common on all makes and models.

What is a laser-cut key then? What distinguishes it from other automobile keys?

Standard Cut Key vs Laser Cut Key

Both of these keys allow access to the vehicle and will start the engine. However, conventional cut keys are created with a standard cutting machine that carves each side of the key (to match). They are straightforward to cut and may be done at any location that cuts keys.

Laser-cut keys are distinct. The cut does not go along the sides, but rather along the center. Typically, these keys are thicker and more robust than normal keys. And the majority are equipped with a transponder chip system that is programmed to your vehicle.

The production of laser-cut keys necessitates the use of specialized computerized machinery and a high degree of accuracy. Even the smallest variation between cuts can render a key invalid.

Advantages of a Laser-Cut Key

As said, laser-cut keys are no longer exclusive to luxury automobiles. Increasing numbers of manufacturers are employing them because they provide a range of advantages. A higher degree of security is one of the most important advantages.

Laser-cut keys makes it challenging to pick your lock. If someone is attempting to steal your vehicle, they will require some serious equipment. Moments are often required to break into a car designed for a standard-cut key. However, this is not the case with those with laser-cut keys. This is an excellent deterrence against stealing. In addition, several of these keys incorporate transponders inside the actual key. When the ignition is turned on, it checks for the transponder’s signal to ensure a match. If not? The ignition will be disabled.

If you have ever forgotten where you parked in a huge parking lot, then you know how simple it is to stroll up to a car that may or may not be yours. How likely is it that your key will work in that stranger’s vehicle? For standard-cut keys, the odds are rather good, but for laser-cut keys, you are unlikely to steal anyone else’s vehicle. Laser keys are over ten times less likely to match than conventional keys.

If you require a laser-cut key, you may discover that obtaining one from the dealership is complicated and costly. Due to the needed degree of knowledge, not every locksmith provides this service. Contact Keymaster if you are interested in this option.