Here are the top five causes of car lockouts. Being locked out of your car may be a terrifying and stressful experience, especially if it is late at night or you are in an unfamiliar region. Don’t panic if you routinely find yourself locked out. Keymaster can offer some explanations as to why this can occur as well as some practical advice on how to avoid locking yourself out of your car.

What Motivates People to Lock Their Doors?

Typically, you lock yourself out of your automobile unintentionally. The chances of losing your car keys or just forgetting them inside the vehicle are higher than you might imagine, notwithstanding the possibility of technological difficulties. Some explanations for why someone would lock themselves out of their car are as follows:

1: The Power of Habit

If you’re the type of person who keeps your keys in your pocket or handbag at all times, taking them out and putting them in the car may cause you to forget them while you’re getting out. It can be challenging to remember to bring them with you if you don’t already have them on you when you get out of the car.

How to avoid this: Place your keys somewhere obvious inside the car if you must remove them from your pocket or backpack. You’ll be able to see them more clearly as a result, which will help you remember to get them before you go. Continuing with the top five causes of car lockouts.

2: Your Vehicle Lacks Keys.

You might also forget to take your keys out of the car when you get out if you don’t have to bother about putting the key in the ignition and taking it out to turn the car off. Having a keyless automobile makes it simple to forget to grab a set of physical keys on your way out because you seldom ever use the key.

What to do to stop it: Even if your keys are on your person, make sure to get them before you leave your car. If you constantly remind yourself to check and make sure you have them before leaving, it won’t take you long for it to become an automatic, subconscious procedure!

3: Your Key Fob Died

Having a keyless automobile also means that the battery in your key fob will eventually run out of power. You can find yourself in a difficult situation if you have the bad luck to have it die when you are not in your car or close to someone who can help.

What to do to stop it: It may seem difficult to check that your key fob has enough battery life left, but in reality, most keyless vehicles feature a notice or warning light that will appear on the dashboard if your key fob battery is low. Your key fob’s battery can then be easily changed from there.

4: Your Keys are Simple to Lose.

You may forget your keys when getting out of the car if they are not apparent enough to capture your eye when you are looking for them. It is feasible to often lose your car keys if they are on a simple ring with nothing to help you locate them, and this is true even outside of your automobile.

What to do to stop it: Put your keys on anything that is conspicuous, bright, or hard to avoid. This might make a wonderful keychain, lanyard, or carabiner. Something that makes it easier for you to see your keys will act as a reminder to get them before getting out of the car.

5: Being Hurried

You can be running behind schedule for a meeting, a soccer match, or a family supper. It is common for people to rush when going somewhere. The truth is that forgetting can also result from haste. And it’s easy to forget to get your car keys when you’re rushing out of the car to drive somewhere.

What to do to stop it: This is where practicing mindfulness, even during stressful times, can help. Before stepping out of the car, pause for a moment and consider your needs to prevent locking yourself out in haste. This can help you avoid forgetting your keys and cause yourself subsequent grief.

How we can Assist with the Top Five Causes of Car Lockouts

Fortunately, Keymaster locksmiths are on call to assist you if you do manage to lock yourself out of your vehicle. Call or visit our website to learn more about our automobile locksmithing services from one of our knowledgeable locksmiths!